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Oyster Bake on Garcon Point …

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Several Saturdays ago  Jenna, Payton, Lauren and Lukas came home for a three day weekend.  This is the first time we had all been together since Christmas and Payton has really grown … she is crawling around pretty good now.  Pam thought it would be a nice idea to have an oyster bake, so I went and dug a hole between the two barns, built a fire … instant oyster bake.  Pam invited her brother Keith and his wife Jan over and we spent the afternoon cooking oysters and corn.  If Keith ever retires from banking, he could find a job as an oyster shucker and everyone knows what a fantastic cook Jan is … maybe there is a restaurant in the making somewhere?   We have not done anything like that  in a while and I do not know why, because we really had a good time!  The weather was cool and crisp, just a beautiful day to be alive.  The strip of photos above shows Lukas with the food table in the background, the oysters and corn over the fire, and then a group shot with the sun going down.  The photo below is Jenna and Payton and then the strip below is a composite of Lukas … you cannot get enough of Lukas!!

I hope you enjoyed our little cook-out photos, but I really hope you like seeing the kids.  I am sorry that I did not get a good photo of Lauren and Lukas, but Lukas is at the age where you cannot hold him for long because he is gone.  Then you spend all your time chasing after him!  I have a pile of dirt left over from building this second barn and I told Pam that from now on all we need to get Lukas for a gift is a pile of dirt.  You have never seen a kid have so much fun climbing and sliding on a pile of clay.  In fact Lukas has a new nickname … Dirt, Dirt Hedges.

Thanks for looking …

Written by Frank Hardy

February 24, 2011 at 8:09 am

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