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This is an image I made over in New Orleans many, many, many years ago.  I am always amazed at the extent people will go to putting on these outrageous costumes / outfits and going out in public.  When I was making the “gorilla mother’s” portrait, I could not figure out if it was male or female because I could not get   ” it ” to talk.  After printing the photo and looking at it for a while, I figured it had to be a male … the “gorilla mother’s” hand looks to large to be a female’s.  Also note how the hand is posed for the photograph … it looks as if this individual had done some hand modeling before by the way the fingers are shaped ( I am only being half serious here – normally people will just let their fingers fall straight down and not curl the thumb and forefinger as he is doing here ) .  I will post another photo and tell the  story of a street musician that I photographed, ran across him in a Mardi Gras parade five years later and sent him a photograph.  I have said before that one thing I try to do is get an address so I can send them a couple of photos for their time, even though I am giving them a few dollars for their effort.   Stay tuned ,,

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February 21, 2011 at 8:17 am

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