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As you can tell, this is another one of my ” vacation portraits “.  This was taken on an island about 30 miles from Belize City called Caye Caulker.  Our boat stopped here for some bait since we were heading to Shark – Ray Alley to pet the sharks.  I saw this guy setting up shells on the beach and walked over with my Hasselblad to talk to him.  He told me his name was Victor and he came here every morning to sell shells so he could buy breakfast.  I told him I would buy him breakfast if he let me take a few photographs of him.  He said that he had never been a model and that sounded like a good idea.  I shot a roll of b&w film on him as we talked and that was it … I gave him money for breakfast and got back on the boat and off we went.

Thirty five years or so ago, I never would have even dreamed of taking these types of photographs … I think I can attribute this to having been a wedding photographer for so long.  Because with weddings, you show up not knowing anyone other than the bride, her mother and maybe the groom, and everyone else is a stranger.  You have maybe five minutes to find some common ground to relate to and to let them know that you are not them to make them feel or look stupid.  Trying to create a memory that will last forever, well,  that is what photography is all about.  Thanks for looking …

Written by Frank Hardy

February 16, 2011 at 8:50 am

Posted in Portraits

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