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This Indian is a native of Belize.  Pam and I first where there in 2003.  When you get off the tender at Belize City, there was a dock, a few stores and a snack bar … that was it.  Now, that area has turned into stores, bars, restaurants, you name it they have it.   Back then, when you left this area and went outside the gates, there were just a few open-air stalls.  At one of these stalls was some guy dressed-up in this native indian garb.  I told Pam I had to go talk to this guy and as usual, she told me to leave him alone.  I went up to him and asked if he spoke English?  In this perfect British voice, he said, ” Of course, I  am a Cambridge grad!”.  I had forgotten that Belize was once part of the British Empire and that there were still a lot of British in the area.  He told me his story ( how much to believe is always left one’s discretion ) , but the bad thing was – I had left my camera on the boat and was not able to get his photograph. Fast  forward five years … we are back in Belize and I made sure to take my camera with me.   I went to track down my Cambridge friend and found this guy.  He told me that my “buddy” had gone back to England and he had taken over this guy’s “business” … dressing up like a native and letting people pay to take your photograph is now a business ( I should have known, since I have paid / given money to many other people before ).  I gave the guy $20 and spent 15 minutes with him.  This was the type of image I wanted …  serious, but not too mean or angry looking.  Well, it turns out almost everything I made, the guy was smiling, looking friendly, just a real clown … even made several off him banging on his drum!   If anyone is going down to Belize, contact me and if you don’t mind,  take a photo to him.   Believe me, this guy is not hard to find and I think you will enjoy talking to him and I know you will make a new acquaintance.

Written by Frank Hardy

February 6, 2011 at 10:26 am

Posted in Portraits

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