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This is a portrait I made of Dr. Currin of Christ Episcopal Church in Pensacola  back in the 80’s and I had it exhibited at the Professional Photographers of America International Convention in Atlanta.  The image that was accepted was one that was in color, but I cannot put my hands on those.  I spent a week with photographer Al Gilbert from Toronto and this type of portrait is his specialty.  This was way before Photoshop and if you look close, you do not see any prayer books or hymnals because I spent over an hour removing them from the pews for this portrait.  Not only was the lighting for this photograph fairly complicated, but arraigning the interior so a lot of items are either hidden or removed seemed to take forever.  Dr. Currin showed up and was gone in twenty minutes, but he was very gracious in allowing me the time to do what was needed.  I will find some other outtakes showing my set-up, camera position, etc.  After Dr. Currin’s portrait, I went on to photograph other rectors, priests, ministers, etc and I will see what I can do about locating and posting them for you to see.

Note:  This image shows the entire frame and more … the print that was exhibited at the PPofA National Convention was cropped entirely different than what I posted here.  In an effort to show more of the image, I have decided to post the whole scan on some of the images.  Some people are against cropping, but I believe in doing whatever it takes to enhance the image …whether it is cropping, retouching, removing parts of the image, adding “things” to an image, etc, etc.

Written by Frank Hardy

February 4, 2011 at 9:03 am

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