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Ronald Reagan in Pensacola …

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Ronald Reagan made a campaign swing through Pensacola when he was first running for President.  I shot several rolls of 35mm film of him arriving, speaking and getting back on the plane.  I have only scanned several of the frames and this is the best, but I plan on scanning more and posting them later.  When I first arrived, I was way in the back.  It seemed that every high school had let out and every student was there holding a sign … whenever  Reagan said something, all the signs would go up and all I photographed  was cardboard.  I finally clawed / made  my way to the front and he walked right by me on his way to the plane.  I was able to stand at the foot of the boarding ramp and get several of him waving good-by.  I will find them and post them later.  Time magazine has a funny cover this week with Reagan standing next to Obama with his arm around him … this made me think of the Reagan photos that I had made and search my negative albums for them.

Written by Frank Hardy

February 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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