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Back in 2000, Pam and I flew out to San Francisco for a week.  We drove down south to Monterrey and Carmel.  Then took a trip to Napa Valley.  This was before I went digital, so this is a scan from a Hasselblad b&w negative.  We found this area as we headed out of San Francisco, heading south on US 1.  Do not remember the name of the area, but the parking lot was full of cars and surfers.  I took several rolls of 120 and have never printed any, but I have scanned several.  When I find them, I will add them to this post later.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to organize my  personal / professional files better and to catalog all the negatives of my father’s that I have accumulated and posted over at: .  I have a link on the side that will take you that and and you can see what I have put up there.  It has been up for almost two years and I have over 170 posts on the site.  I am really proud of my Photoshop “restoration” skills and what I have been able correct and fix.  Take a look over there and check back here, I am going to try and post images on a more regular basis that I have in the past.  Here is another photograph I made at the same time as the one above,

Thanks again for looking and if anyone recognizes where this spot is located, please let me know.

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January 4, 2011 at 8:41 am

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