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Pam and I traveled to Ireland several years ago.  We have traveled all over the US by car and had taken several cruises, but we had never flown to a foreign country, rented a car and driven ourselves around.  The surprising thing was we never got totally lost ( no GPS either ) and it was easier than expected.  One thing I discovered … if you are lost, find a funeral home and ask directions.  The funeral director has to know every nook and cranny in their area, so they can go pick up the body when the phone rings.  Forget about going to a bar / restaurant and asking directions, every drunk in the place wants to help.  That is one thing about the Irish people … they are the friendliest, nicest, most helpful nation of people you will ever want to meet.  Never one time during our stay, did someone brush us off when we asked for help or kept walking by us to avoid our questions.  I cannot say enough nice things about Ireland or the Irish people.

Now on to my photo above.  This guy was playing the flute outside of the Pease Street Train Station in Dublin.  I stopped to talk to him and ended up taking a couple of portraits of him.  Nothing earth shattering, but it just goes to show what you can do with just a little coaxing and prompting.  I have several others of him that I am going to post to show what can be done with different Photoshop treatments.  This one by the way was shot on 120 Tri-X with my Hasselblad.  I scanned the negative and worked it up in Photoshop.  I have not done anything with all the images of Ireland yet, so I plan on posting quite a few of them in the future.

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July 2, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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