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One more from our Ireland trip, only because it was handy.  This place is on the southwest coast, just above Kerry.  They have this Ring of Kerry that they say is gorgeous, but the weather can turn bad quickly, so since we were staying in Dingle, we decided to take the Ring of Dingle.  This photo was taken on that outing.  The ring was about 15 / 20 kilometers and took several hours since the road was narrow and you had to share it with walkers, sheep, bicyclists, dogs … you get the idea.  The road ran right along the Atlantic Ocean and the view was spectacular.  I have several from this trip in b&w that I will post later, also.  I promise I will not make this a travelogue blog, even though at this point you might get the feeling that it is going that way.  All I am trying to do is figure out how this WordPress program works and where all of the buttons are and how they work.  Thank you for your patience.

Written by Frank Hardy

July 2, 2010 at 8:37 pm

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